After the second World War, the rebuilding of Warszawa was directed by the country's Communist government. As a result, grey and functional images are the initial impressions of present day Warszawa. But after a deeper exploration into the heart of the city, Warszawa reveals its surprises: architectural, cultural and human.


The Warszawa Castle, rebuilt from ruins, is one of the loveliest in Europe. The city's historic baroque houses, clustered around the Old Town Market Square and St. John's Cathedral, rose again from utter annihilation. The restored, glittering galleries of both the Water Palace in Łazienki Park and the Wilanów Summer Palace are favorite tourist attractions. Now that Cold War Communism is a thing of the  past, Warszawa is fast shedding its more drearier  aspects. Free markets, blossoming entrepreneurship, a lively art scene and numerous new hotels and restaurants are rapidly creating an exciting city.